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a system designer specialising in the design of high precision mechatronic systems. My skill set includes mechanical design, multi-body dynamics, opto-mechanics, finite element analysis and tolerance analysis. Through Verstralen Systems Engineering I offer my advice and engineering skills directly to companies and individuals. So if there is any engineering problem you want my help with, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


I have experience in every step of the design cycle from concept design to detailed design to troubleshooting existing machines. Using a multidisciplinary viewpoint I assure all aspects of a system are considered equally.

I use advanced modelling techniques to predict, validate and optimise my designs, this allows for fast design iterations and shorter development times.

A thorough knowledge of design principles allows me to design high precision systems which perform with high performance and high reliability.

Transferring my knowledge and helping other engineers improve their design and analysis skills is an aspect of my work which gives me a lot of energy, both as a part of a design team and as a teacher for Mikrocentrum. 


How we work

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  • Training
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  • Higher profit
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